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Maya Romanoff Introduces: Beadazzled Flexible Wallcovering Made of Genuine Glass Beads

You're not going to believe what we've done to glass. Maya Romanoff introduces Beadazzled™ Tiles, the newest incarnation of Beadazzled™ flexible wallcovering (patent pending). Beadazzled™ uses a combination of light, texture and bead size to create a joyous and beautiful effect. It reflects surrounding colors and softly glows. Extreme flexibility allows it to be wrapped around columns and even cornered, inside or out. Easy installation is a feature of the latest version of our award-winning Beadazzled™ product.

As the beads are clear, Beadazzled™ flexible wallcovering can be custom colored and a design or logo can be embedded. Its beauty and versatility garnered it a 2003 Best of NeoCon Editors' Choice Award, 2004 Metropolitan Home Design 100, 2004 Hospitality Design Best of Show Award, and a permanent place in the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum Smithsonian Institute.

Beadazzled™ flexible wallcovering marries handcrafted artisanship with the most innovative production techniques. Available in Bianca, Pearlie, Sandy, Pinky, Sweetpea, Ruby, Caviar, Copper, Baby Blue, Golda and Sylvie. Sold in 29" x 9'3" rolls. Custom colors, sizes, shapes and designs available.