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The Bold and the Beautiful: Captivating Products from Maya Romanoff Fall 2008

For close to 40 years, Maya Romanoff has been the unparalleled, creative force in the realm of surface materials and wall covering, offering some of the most extraordinary products in the hospitality design market. Their newest collections continue to push the envelope.

From the intoxicating shimmer of the Beadazzled™ collection to the subtle patina of handworked bronze and copper in the new True Metals™ collection, Romanoff's products have enlivened the walls and surfaces of major retail, commercial and hospitality businesses.

"Our products have such a magnetic draw that they create an amazing visual cue," says Laura Romanoff, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "And, because they have such impact, any space can be completely transformed into something beautiful and magical. We've worked with many clients who choose to illuminate an entire environment, as well as those who focus on one specific area such sales space or columns, and it's all been incredibly effective."

Translucent Beadazzled™ Mural Lightboxes

See the light! Translucent Beadazzled™ goes well beyond the realm of wallcovering as cutting-edge technology re-invents Beadazzled™ as dramatic lighting. Large floral images are digitally printed on translucent film and displayed in a hanging flat light box. Enhanced with shimmering Swarovski crystal, Translucent Beadazzled™ has endless design possibilities, but is not intended for direct application to the wall.

Mother of Pearl™ Chevron

MOP returns as Mother of Pearl™ Chevron: genuine capiz shell inlaid in a classic chevron, producing a dynamic hand inlaid impact. Offered as 18" x 18" tiles, the edge of the tile follows the shape of the chevron, facilitating a seamless installation. The tiles install easily, are amazingly flexible and have infinite possibilities for design applications.

Ajiro™ Metallic Wood Veneers

Continued enthusiasm for the Ajiro™ Wood Veneer Collection prompted the shimmering new Ajiro™ Metallic Wood Veneers collection. Ajiro is made from the sustainable, plantationgrown Pawlonia tree. Micro-thin wood is hand-painted in shades of Bronze, Gunmetal, Golden, Platinum, and inlaid on traditional basketweaves, diamond, chevron, coffers and marquetry patterns for a covering of arresting beauty.

Ajiro™ Sunburst Wood Veneers

The Ajiro™ Wood Veneer Collection moves in yet another new direction with the radiant new version, Ajiro™ Sunburst. Also made from the sustainable Pawlonia tree, micro-thin wood is laser cut into a dazzling sunburst design then hand-painted in warm Natural, as well as gleaming metallic shades of Golden, Bronze, Platinum, and Gunmetal.

True Metals™ Trapezoid

The striking new True Metals™ Trapezoid adds a geometric twist to the original True Metals™ designs of Basketweave and Coffers. True Metals™ Trapezoid is offered in the existing finishes Fiery Copper, Speckled Copper, Speckled Brass and Scoured Aluminum as well as new finishes Scoured Brass and Scoured Copper. The new finishes are un-patinaed as the aluminum finish, and will also be available in Basketweave and Coffers. All True Metals™ are preserved with a natural, non-toxic substance to retain their appearance over time, and are sold as 12" by 12" tiles with custom patterns and sizes also available.

Beadazzled Leaf™

Using smaller, lighter weight and flexible glass beads, Beadazzled Leaf™ is executed in a fluid "brushstrokes" pattern of metallic leaf. This beautifully crafted design gives the Beadazzled™ family another dimension in flexi-glass. The sporadic lite touch of metallic leaf is unexpected, adding just a little more shimmer to your walls. Sold in 28 1/2" widths, and available in 10 shimmery colors: Bianca Silver Leaf, Bianca Gold Leaf, Pearlie Leaf, Scotch N Soda Leaf, Aqua Leaf, Sylvie Leaf, Coco Butter Leaf, Ruby Leaf, Golda Leaf and Green Leaf.

54" Burelage™ Vinyl

One of Romanoff's most popular patterns in vinyl, the signature, striated Burelage™ design becomes even more desirable when offered in a super-durable, 54" width ideal for contract applications. Though it possesses a very similar profile to the hand-painted vinyl, the "relief" of this stripe is a little lower. New color additions make a total palette of 13 colorways including some smoky grays and taupes and fun, dramatic hues like plum.